Serving DuPage and most of Cook county since 2004!  To schedule an appointment, please visit the Installation Service page. Seatcheck’s fitting station is located in Naperville with convenient home carseat check service to most of the Chicago area.


Are Your Kids Safe? Many parents think they have installed their child safety seat correctly, but according to the CDC, 72% of child restraint systems installed have at least one critical misuse that could be expected to increase a child’s risk of injury during a crash.  Is your child riding in one of them?   Please browse our information and links to make sure your kids are safe.  Still not sure?  Get the peace of mind to know your kids are protected.  Schedule an appointment for a professional carseat checkup and have an experienced, certified technician make sure you are installing and using your child safety seats correctly!   For almost 15 years, Seatcheck has been offering its own expert child seat installations, shopping and consulting services, including instructional courses accepted by traffic court for motorists who were ticketed for a moving violation of the Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act.  My inspection station is located in Naperville, IL, with personal home service offered to most of the Chicago area. also provides free hosting for DuPage County Safe Kids and other area resources.

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