Why Do I Need to Have My Child’s Safety Seat Checked?

Motor Vehicle Crashes are the #1 killer of kids 19 and under, according to SAFE KIDS USA.  Various studies have shown that up to 96% of parents believe they install their child safety seat correctly.  Similar studies have observed 70% to 90% actual misuse rates.  The good news is that correct use of car seats and boosters does save lives.  Infant seats have been shown to reduce fatal injury by 71%, and toddler seats by 54%, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  I will make sure your child is as safe as possible in your vehicle, to protect them from the greatest epidemic facing children in the United States.

Effective January 1, 2019, Illinois State Law requires that a child under 2 years must be secured in a rear-facing child restraint system.  As of January 1, 2004, Illinois State Law requires all children to be in a child seat or booster until their 8th birthday.  These are a primary moving violation, and you may be stopped and ticketed for a violation of the child passenger protection act.  More importantly, correct use of a booster seat can reduce a child’s risk of injury in a crash by 59%, including serious head and abdominal injuries!  Were you ticketed in Illinois and need a child safety seat instructional course right away, before your upcoming traffic court date?  My service qualifies for this and I will provide the form the court requires upon completion.  This may allow for a first offense to be dropped and the $75 fine waived.

Why Choose a Private Child Seat Installation Service?

This service is ideal for parents and caregivers who want the best for their children, especially when it comes to riding as safe as possible in their vehicle.  Clients include parents who are unable to find free inspections in their community, as well as expectant parents and others who are unable to wait for an event or appointment elsewhere.  It is also ideal for parents wanting a more personalized education and thorough instruction than from a public carseat inspection done at a free fitting station or check-up event.   Finally, it is great for busy parents with inflexible schedules.  I can even meet you at your home, office, baby store or hospital parking lot for an early arrival!

Why Pay for This Service when My Police or Fire Department Does it For Free?

Over the last few years, many departments and agencies in DuPage County have cut their child passenger safety programs.  Some local organizations and police, fire or health departments may use inexperienced technicians or installers who are not certified to do inspections.  In other communities, free inspections have long waiting lists or may no longer be available.  I may be able to offer more convenient appointment times and shorter waits than other fitting stations or events.  Professional installation appointments usually available within 1-2 business days!  Also, your appointment will not be rushed, as may be the case at free inspection stations, events or elsewhere.  Courses start at $45 for one typical carseat in a single vehicle, with up to an hour to make sure your carseat is installed correctly and answer all your questions!  Some appointments may be less than an hour, depending on the circumstances, while multiple seats may take longer.  There will also be plenty of time for a thorough instruction and hand-on practice if you wish!

What About Other Paid Services?

Other providers have appeared in recent years.  Some tout quick re-installations in 30 minutes or even less.  Others may be staffed by inexperienced employees or third party contractors.  Every single Seatcheck appointment is with the owner who has nearly 20 years of experience, specializing ONLY in child safety seat instruction and installation.  Appointments are never rushed and safest practice guidelines are always followed, spending up to an hour for most car seats, including professional instruction and tips on how do install it yourself.  Seatcheck’s prices are competitive and there are often specials and discounts.

Why Seatcheck?

Seatcheck.net began in 2002.  I have been providing expert carseat installations and other child passenger safety services since January, 2004, the first and most reliable professional service of its kind in the Chicago area!  I specialize only in keeping your children safe in motor vehicles.  Seatcheck.net is listed as a Child Safety Seat Inspection Station by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and SAFE KIDS USA.  Seatcheck’s fitting station is located in Naperville, Illinois.  Seatcheck also makes your life easier with house calls, serving your home or office in Naperville and many other communities in the Chicago area including DuPage County and parts of Cook, Will and Kane Counties.  Seatcheck is even going green, arriving to most home service appointments in a low-emissions hybrid electric vehicle!

At Seatcheck, you will never have an appointment with an inexperienced or newly trained technician.  Seatcheck does not outsource appointments to be serviced by another company that may rush you out with a quick installation to get to the next customer.  Every Seatcheck client instruction and checkup is done personally by the owner!  I have been certified since 2001 and have significant experience and background in transportation safety and carseats in general.  For parents who want more than a rushed inspection, I am happy to take the extra time to help you learn about installing and using child seats correctly.  While I will always make sure your child is as safe as possible, my goal is also to provide instruction and education for the parent(s) or caregiver.   That means I will spend up to a full hour for every appointment to avoid hurried mistakes, to answer all your questions and to help you to install the child seat yourself if you wish to do so!  That will help you keep your kids safe every time they travel, in any vehicle!  Followup questions are accepted by email or facebook.

If you haven’t selected a child safety seat yet, please feel check out Seatcheck’s Shopping Service!  I may be able to advise you about some options in advance.  Baby not here yet?  I will demonstrate proper use of the harness system with a newborn or low birthweight size doll.  Ultimately, Seatcheck provides the peace of mind that your child restraint is installed safely and that you will be using it correctly on every trip!   You can read more about me here.