The following child safety seat checkup events in the Chicago area are not affiliated with Seatcheck.  This list is maintained by Robert Brasky, Cook and Collar Counties Occupant Protection Coordinator.  This list last updated 11/4/2014.

Upcoming 2014 Child Seat Checkup Events:

November 7, 9a-12p: Riverdale Fire Department, 138th and Halsted,  Riverdale, contact Carmen Flores-Rance 312-793-4662

November 8, 10a – 12p:  9th Chicago Police District, 3120 S. Halsted, Chicago, contact P.O. Cheryl Clark 312-747-3501 (part of a CPS Tech Class)

November 15, 10a – 12p:  St. Bartholomew School (parking Lot), 4924 W. Addison, Chicago,  contact 25th District Community Policing Office P.O. Coutinho or P.O. Brotonel 312-746-5090

November 21, 9a-12p: Illinois Department of Transportation (sign shop),  7151 Forest Preserve Drive, (Harlem and Irving Park) Chicago, contact Carmen Flores-Rance 312-793-4662